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The Chick Flick is the first all female wakeboard video to hit the market in over 8 years. Starring World and X-Games Champions Dallas Friday and Emily Copeland-Durham, X-Games Champion Maeghan Major, UK Champion Louise Moore, Florida's locals Sonja Schefler, Cathy Williams, Leslie Kent, Heather Johnson, Australia's Amber Wing, New Zealand's Andrea Fountain, West Coast riders Gretchen Hammarberg, Shelby Kantar, Raequel Hoffman, and Shawna Hoffman, Wakeskaters Stef Tor, Megan McNeil and many more!

Format: NTSC
Main Feature : 1 hr 5 mins
45 mins




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Measuring 18" x 24" on quality glossy poster stock the official poster for the DVD features Dallas Friday, Emily Copeland-Durham, Maeghan Major, Stef Tor, Amber Wing, Megan McNeil, Heather Johnson, Andrea Fountain, Cathy Williams, Shelby Kantar, Barrett Perlman, Raequel Hoffman, Shawna Hoffman, Gretchen Hammarberg, and many more!.



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