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Raequel Hoffman Stomps a 720 - 2nd woman ever!
08.05.2007 - This just in! Raequel Hoffman is the second woman ever in the sport of wakeboarding to land a 720. CONGRATS Raequel! Raequel has come so far since filming with her last year for The Chick Flick. Please click on the icon to check out a piece of history!




Shelby Kantar - Sac Town Slider
Gotta show some love for our Norcal Rider Shelby Kantar. Last weekend we headed up to Old Town Sacramento where they had a little slider/winch show going on. We brought the cameras and couldn't wait to show this footage.. so here ya go!


The Chick Flick Teaser by
What's this? It's another "Teaser".. ha! Now you're one video closer to the Trailer, but you'll have to wait until FALL 2006 to see that.. For now just sit back, relax and get ready... to get your groove on!


The Chick Flick Teaser Teaser by

We’re calling this the “Teaser Teaser” since it’s not the “official” teaser (that will be release in FALL.). In the meantime, please sit back and enjoy.



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